First Nations

For over 30 years Kala has worked and served British Columbia First Nations, from Masset to Cranbrook, and Fort Nelson to Victoria. Kala involvement has included groundwater feasibility studies, wastewater to ground impact studies, landfill assessments, and water quality studies.

To date, Kala has supervised the construction and evaluation of over 300 First Nation community water wells and undertaken projects on behalf of 38 individual First Nations around the province.

The most rewarding work we undertake is on behalf of our First Nations clients. At any one time some 40% of our workload will be in regards to First Nation’s water and sewer projects.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • A solid understanding of capital project management expectations and a proven ability to work with Band public works personnel
  • Aquifer characterization studies
  • Groundwater Feasibility Studies from hydrogeologic potential evaluations to production well drilling and evaluation programs
  • Water quality studies and Ground Water Under Direct Influence of Surface Water (GWUDI) assessments
  • Source water protection studies
  • Wastewater to ground, and soils and groundwater investigations
  • Landfill and dump site closure studies and environmental monitoring programs
  • Soils investigations