Mining Sector

Kala has provided geosciences consulting services to the mining sector for over 25 years.  Our team is ready to work with you at any stage, from planning and project development to decommissioning and remediation.

Exploration and planning

  • Regulatory support, environmental permitting applications and strategy
  • Baseline surface and ground water studies
  • Compliance auditing and monitoring
  • Environmental permitting

Project Development

  • Regulatory support and strategy
  • Baseline studies
  • Environmental assessments (EIA, ESIA, EA, EIS, EIR)
  • Risk and mitigation planning
  • Water management
  • Waste management
  • Human health risk assessments
  • Closure planning


  • Compliance auditing and monitoring
  • Environmental effects monitoring (EEM)
  • Reclamation Planning


  • Closure and decommissioning planning
  • Reclamation design, implementation, and management
  • Closure compliance approvals
  • Ecosystem and stream restoration
  • Compliance and construction monitoring
  • Water and Waste management