Onsite Wastewater Disposal Systems


Kala has become a leader in designing and assisting with design for onsite wastewater disposal systems (OWDS) especially in difficult settings. Kala owns and operates boring equipment to provide cost effective site assessment services for smaller OWDS
 and uses long application duration dual-ring infiltrometer testing to establish hydraulic loading rates at difficult sites
. Kala has experience with many types of smaller packaged plants, drip irrigation, and large evapotranspiration systems
Kala hydrogeologists and technical support personnel provide cost effective services across the British Columbia Interior, and have considerable experience with OWDS in challenging settings such as:

  • High groundwater table
  • Steep slopes
  • High strength effluent
  • Groundwater drainage
  • Poor soils
  • Critical setbacks
  • Limited vertical separation

In addition, Kala can provide site investigations pertinent to entire subdivisions when requested for Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructural developmental approval. Kala has design experience with:

  • Detailed curtain wall design
  • Packaged sewage treatment plants
  • High strength wastes
  • Raised mound with timed dosage
  • Completion of Environmental Impact Studies (EIS)
  • Spray Irrigation and woodland systems
  • Innovative technologies for small sites
  • Micro dosed beds
  • Trickling filters