Source Water Protection Programs

Kala Geosciences Ltd. is a professional earth sciences consulting firm providing technical support in the responsible development, protection, and management of surface and groundwater resources. Kala specializes in applied hydrogeology and environmental services within the British Columbia Interior. From groundwater potential evaluations and aquifer delineation through production well drilling programs and evaluations, Kala provides comprehensive groundwater resource development services. In addition to groundwater services, Kala specializes in onsite wastewater disposal investigations, water quality evaluations, and environmental site assessments.

 Kala has operated within the British Columbia Interior for over 30 years. Primary consulting efforts include groundwater supply investigations, environmental impact studies, soils investigations, dewatering and seepage studies, contaminated groundwater remediation, solid waste landfill operations and closure assessments, hydrogeologic modeling, wastewater to ground investigations, and water quality issues.