Proof of Water


Regional Districts, some Municipalities, and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure  in British Columbia possess residential subdivision development initiatives that include provisions for “Proof of Water” (PoW) assessments. These assessments are required as a step in land development and subdivision applications and generally require independent quantification of well capacity and in some cases qualification of water quality. While the assessment methodology and requirements vary between Regional Districts, well capacity and water quality testing may be involved.

Kala provides turnkey services:

  • Well capacity testing
  • Water sampling
  • Potable water quality analyses via certified British Columbia laboratories
  • Water treatment considerations, where required
  • Hydrogeologic reports for Regional Districts
  • For those property parcels large enough, Kala employs a groundwater potential evaluation process whereby a desktop study and site reconnaissance may discount well testing

Kala owns and maintains various well capacity testing apparatus such as pump reels of various sizes to provide well capacity testing services. All testing is undertaken in accordance with published provincial and Regional District standards. Well monitoring includes potential drawdown interference within surrounding existing water wells (300 m radius) and potential surface water impacts, where required.

Water Quality

Kala maintains significant field water quality monitoring equipment to ensure high quality water samples and our relationship with certified laboratories ensures solid quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) and effective costing. Where required by individual Regional Districts, Kala will provide water treatment options to safely and easily treat water to meet federal standards for health parameters.

Reports prepared to Regional District standards are certified by qualified persons. Reports include well location plan, well capacity testing plots, pump settings, and water quality results.